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Author Topic: Cylinder Head Remove and Replace?  (Read 1544 times)

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Cylinder Head Remove and Replace?
« on: 11/30/12 02:01 PM »

Hi everyone.

I've been doing a lot of searching and my google-fu is coming up nearly dry. 

Here's the deal.  I've been concerned about a "mystery" coolant loss for some time. I know about the Castech heads, and I'm 99% sure that's my problem.  I've been nursing the situation; adding coolant as necessary, keeping an eye on the oil level and generally being kind to the AV... but I'm afraid the problem is nearing a head.  When i start the truck in the morning, I'm getting that dreaded white smoke.  It burns off after a few minutes, but it's not steam, and it's pretty darn plentiful.

I can't really afford to drop the truck off at the dealership, and I have some mechanical aptitude, so I am considering buying the heads and doing the R&R myself.  That being said, i can't seem to find a cylinder head R&R write up for our trucks. I've found, but that article is based on a 'Vette.  Does anyone know of a step by step article to do the job, based on a truck, or an Av? 

For Informational purposes:  My Av is a 2003 with 5.3l.  She has just over 153K miles on her.  I am open to options/opinions on which heads to use, too.  I have heard of people "upgrading" to the 243/799 heads (milled .030 to get back to the factory compression ratio).   Is there a reason to choose those heads, performance wise? cost wise? I would just like to get away from the Castech junk.   Oh, and you have to appreciate the timing...  The Av will be completely paid off in 4 months.

Thanks for your help,

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